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The Southeast Asian Linguistics Society page

 SEALS XI: 2001

Papers from the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the
Southeast Asian Linguistics Society
SEALS XI: 2001
Somsonge Burusphat , Editor
ISBN: 1-881044-34-3

*to obtain copies of any particular papers, send your request to PSEAS.  $5.00 for the first paper and $1.00 for each additional paper       << Order Form >>

Table of Contents
  • Ansaldo, Umberto  The correlation between surpass comparatives and verby languages

  • Aumann, Greg, and Paul Sidwell  Subgrouping of Mienic Languages: some observations

  • Bauer, Robert .S., Cheung Kwan-hin, Cheung Pak-man, and Louise Ng   Acoustic correlates of focus-stress in Hong Kong Cantonese

  • Bedell, George  Agreement in Mizo

  • Boutin, Michael  A role and reference grammer account of Bonggi -an

  • Burenhult, Niclas   Spatial Deixis in Jahai

  • Burusphat, Somsongel  Foregrounding in some selected Southeast Asian Narratives

  • Cheng, Hui-wen   The subordinates' usage of address toward the superior in Chinese
  • Chiung, Wi-vun   Missionary scripts from Vietnam and Taiwan

  • Choosri, Isara   Dialects of Chong: a cartographic sketch

  • Damanhuri, Umaiyah   The classification of some Thai dialects spoken in Kedah

  • Deepadung, Sujaritlak   The nature of Thai village names: a case study of Kanchanaburi Province

  • Dej-Amorn, Somruedee   Discourse function of particle tes in Green Hmong

  • den Dikken, Marcel and Pornsiri Singhapreecha    Thîi for two: the two flavors of Thai Thîi

  • Edmondson, Jerold A   Typology and language contact phenomena in Southeast Asia

  • Edmondson, Jerold A and Huang Tung-Chiou   Phonological strengthening in Hsiukuluan Amis

  •  Enfield, Nick J   Areal grammaticalization of post verbal 'acquire' in mainland Southeast Asia

  • Ferlus, Michel   The origin of tones in Viet-Muong

  • Hazarika, Chow Nagen   Ahom Language: Its typology, language contact and historical implications in Southeast Asian languages
  • Hernandez, Viveca V.   Conservation analysis in a multilingual setting

  • Iwasaki, Shoichi   Discourse and cognitive resources for grammaticalization in Thai

  • Jalauddin, Nor Hashimah   Modernization and its impact to Malay baby names

  • Khanittanan, Wilaiwan   Khmero-Thai: The great change in the history of the Thai Language of the Chao Phraya Basin

  • Lelertyuttitham, Pananda   Chinese proverbs in Tae'tsiw society in Thailand

  • Lertluemsai, Ranee   Phonological relationship between Ahom and Tai Nua as evidence origin of the Ahom people

  • Lim, Lisa   Everything you wanted to know about how stressed Singaporean Englishes are

  • Matthews, Stephen and Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung   Verbal vs nominal classifier constructions in Cantonese and Thai

  • Minegishi, Makoto   Morphological typology from Southeast Asian viewpoint
  • Mohamad, Norhisham   Foreign language teaching and learning: Challenge and change

  • Neri Zayas, Cynthia   Language contact in the Visayas: the case of Ati ethno-pharmacology

  • Panakul, Thanyarat    Gesture and speech in Abhdhamma Pitaka, the concept of the higher doctrine

  • Pankhuenkhat, Ruengdet   Tai ortholinguisics
  • Panpothong, Natthaporn   Thai ways of responding to an expression of gratitude

  • Phakdeephassok, Siriporn and Prapaipan Phingchim   On "getting" the Thai pretended obscene riddle

  • Pholdi, Orathai   Cultural aspects of Proto-Tai language

  • Phukan Patgiri, Dipti  Negation in Assamese and Karbi: A comparative study
  • Phứ Phong, Nguỹên   Verbal Classifiers in Vietnamese

  • Prasithrathsint, Amara   The adversaive passive marker as a prominent areal feature of Southeast Asian languages

  • Premsrirat, Suwilai   Using GIS for displaying an ethnolinguistic map of Thailand

  • Rischel, Jorgen   The non-uniqueness of tone split: an explanatory challenge

  • Saikia Bora, Lilabati    Gender system in Assamese and Boro: a contrastive analysis

  • Singnoi, Unchalee   Discourse functions of Thai demonstratives: a case on pragmatically controlled irregular functions
  •  Srichampa, Sophana   A comparison of nominalisation between Vietnamese and Thai

  • Suffain, Sakina   Malay metaphors: source domain and historical connection

  • Sukkasame, Preecha   Tonal evolution in Suai (Kuay)
  • Takahashi, Kiyoko and Tasanee Methapisit    Observation on form and meaning of dây

  • Thavisak, Amon   Fo behavior of vowels influenced by aspirated and unaspirated initials in Southeast Asian languaues: implications for tonogenesis theories

  • Thepkanjana, Kingkarn and Satoshi Uehara   Semantic types of resultative predicate in transitive based resultative constructions in Thai

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