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The Southeast Asian Linguistics Society page

 SEALS III: 1993

Papers from the Third Annual Meeting of the
Southeast Asian Linguistics Society
Mark Alves, editor (1995)
ISBN 1-881044-12-2

*to obtain copies of any particular papers, send your request to PSEAS.  $5.00 for the first paper and $1.00 for each additional paper       << Order Form >>

Table of Contents
  • Amade, Elly G.   Functions of Left Dislocation in Petjoh

  • Beckwith, Christopher I.   Class Nouns and Classifiers in Thai

  • Dufon, Margaret A.   The Acquisition of Gambits by Classroom Foreign Language Learners of Indonesian

  • Dukes, Michael    Variation in Western Austronesian Clause Structure

  • Gil, David    Variation in Western Austronesian Clause Structure

  • Hudson, Faridah Hanoum    Infixing Reduplicatives in Malay

  • Indrambarya,Kitima    Are There Prepositions in Thai?

  • Lehman, F.K.   On Second-Order Aspectuals with Special Reference to Burmese

  • Longmire, B. Jean    Cambodian Narratives of Personal Experience

  • Muller-Gotama, Franz    Complementation in Classical Malay

  • Narahara, Tomiko    Alternatives to Reflexives in Thai and Vietnamese: Binding Theory and Language Variations

  • Ratliff, Martha    Fine Granular Bits: 'Rice' and 'Grain' in Hmong-Mien

  • Sak-Humphrey, Chhany    'Serial' and 'Completive' Verbs in Khmer?

  • Tadmor, Uri    Linguistic Devices in a Malay Folktale from Central Thailand

  • Wee, Lionel    Discontinuous' Reduplication in Ulu Muar
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