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The Southeast Asian Linguistics Society page

 SEALS V: 1995

Papers from the Fifth Annual Meeting of the
Southeast Asian Linguistics Society
SEALS V: 1995
Shobhana L. Chelliah and William J. DeReuse, Editors
ISBN: 1-881044-17-3

*to obtain copies of any particular papers, send your request to PSEAS.  $5.00 for the first paper and $1.00 for each additional paper       << Order Form >>

Table of Contents
  • Archangelia, Diana    The grounding hypothesis and Javanese vowels

  • Bedell, George    Agreement in Lai

  • Clynes, Adrian    Interactions of semantics and phonology: Evidence from an Austronesian language

  • Errington, Joseph    Speech modelling and style shifting in Javanese

  • Ewing, Michael and Susanna Cumming    Relative clauses in Indonesian discourse: Face to face and cyberspace interaction

  • Finney, Joseph C.    The Yap languages: Whence and how?

  • Gafos, Adamantios I.    Correspondence in Temiar: No need for long distance spreading here

  • Gallagher, Andrew J.    An experimental study of Indonesian voice

  • Gil, David    Patterns of Polyfunctionality in singlish noun phrases: A questionnaire survey

  • Hvitfeldt, Christina and Gloria Poedjosoedarmo    Language use and identity across generations in Singapore

  • Iwasaki, Shoichi    Causative and benefactive constructions in Thai

  • Lehman, F.K.    On the use of Dah in Lai Chin questions and the operator syntax of functors

  • Mat Awal, Norsimah    English lexical items in spoken Malay

  • Pensalfini, Robert    Malagasy phrase structure and the LCA

  • Person, Kirk R.    Voice quality and tone in several Lao dialects

  • Purnell, Herbert C.   Putting it all together: Components of a secular song in Iu Mien

  • Randriamasimanana, Charles   Evidence for null subjects in Malagasy

  • Sidhakarya, Wayan    The -ang and -in suffixes as verbal case markings in Balinese
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