Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society

JSEALS (ISSN 1836-6821) is the peer-reviewed open-access electronic Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, devoted to publishing research on the languages of mainland and insular Southeast Asia. Formally established by decision of the SEALS 17 meeting in September 2007, JSEALS supersedes the former SEALS Conference Proceedings published by Arizona State University. JSEALS is distributed as an open access journal by the University of Hawaii Press (, and the JSEALS website ( and is indexed by Scopus.

JSEALS is available from as an e-journal under the Creative Common 4.0 License. 

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Papers from earlier SEALS conferences may be found at the The SEALS On-Line Archives.

Introduction to BCP47 and ISO639-3 Language Tags (a SEALS 25 presentation by Martin Hosken and Campbell Prince) is available on YouTube.

On Submitting Articles to JSEALS
WHAT: Covering a region of extraordinary linguistic diversity, JSEALS features papers on the languages of Greater Southeast Asia, including Austroasiatic, Austronesian, Hmong-Mien, Tibeto-Burman and Tai-Kadai. JSEALS welcomes contributions written in English that explore linguistic issues (as opposed to topics focused on culture, anthropology, or pedagogy). Topics may include descriptive, theoretical, or historical linguistics, dialectology, sociolinguistics, anthropological linguistics, among other areas of linguistics of languages of Southeast Asia. JSEALS also admits data papers, reports, and notes, subject to an internal review process.

WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW: Papers can be submitted electronically at any time. Please see the submission guidelines page. Also note the files and links on the left side of this page. If you have any queries about submitting your article, please contact

Although we normally expect that JSEALS articles will have been presented and discussed at the SEALS conference, submission is open to all, regardless of participation in SEALS meetings. Each original article undergoes double-blind review by at least two scholars, usually a member of the Advisory Board and one or more independent referees. We are grateful for their voluntary assistance in ensuring the quality of our publications.

SEALS history 
The Southeast Asian Linguistcs Society was founded by Martha Ratliff and Eric Schiller (who had the idea while car-pooling to work) in 1990.  The first meeting took place in 1991 at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and was attended by (among others) Paul Benedict, William Gedney, Gerard Diffloth, James Matisoff, Laurent Sagart, Jerry Edmondson, and Graham Thurgood.  Annual publication of the SEALS Conference proceedings was assumed by Arizona State University the next year. 

    The SEALS conference regularly circumnavigates the globe, and has met in Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe and Australia.  It is generally expected to meet in Asia at least every other year.  See also Google map of past meeting sites.
1991 North America (USA, Detroit, Michigan)
1992 North America (USA, Phoenix, Arizona)
1993 Asia/North America (USA, Honolulu, Hawaii)
1994 Asia (Thailand, Bangkok & Chiang Rai)
1995 North America (USA, Tucson, Arizona)
1996 North America (USA, Eugene, Oregon)
1997 North America (USA, Urbana, Illinois)
1998 Asia (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)
1999 North America (USA, Berkeley, California)
2000 North America (USA, Madison, Wisconsin)
2001 Asia (Thailand, Bangkok)
2002 North America (USA, DeKalb, Illinois)
2003 North America (USA, Los Angeles, California)
2004 Asia (Thailand, Bangkok)
2005 Australia (Canberra)
2006 Asia (Indonesia, Jakarta)
2007 North America (USA, Baltimore, Maryland)
2008 Asia (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)
2009 Asia (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City)
2010 Europe (Zurich, Switzerland)
2011 Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)
2012 Europe (Agay, France)
2013 Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)
2014 Asia (Yangon, Myanmar)
2015 Asia (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

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