24th SEALS Conference (Burmese)

SEALS 24 Programme

National Centre for English Language, Marlar Hall, Yangon University 27-31 May 2014

Prepared by Tyler Davis, SEALS Archivist.
Below (depending on what author made available), Handout, Presentation, Document/paper

Tuesday 27 May, 2014

Room 6
Evidentials in Tibetan 1
Room 7
Hiroyuki Suzuki.
Evidential System in Zhollam Tibetan (Weixi, Yunnan): How To Express Egophoricity and Source of Information
Tim Armstrong.
FLeX software training
Gwendolyn Hyslop.
Evidentiality and Related Categories in Dzongkha
Nathan Hill.
Inferential Semantics of Direct Evidence: 'Lhasa' Tibetan Bźag and Kham Oleo
Lauren Gawne.
Egophoricity in Bodish Languages
Camille Simon and Françoise Robin.
Phasal-Aspect Marker Bzhag in Standard Tibetan

Wednesday 28 May, 2014

Room 6
Evidentials in Tibetan 2
Room 7 Room 8
Nicolas Tournadre.
A Typological Sketch of Evidential Categories in the Tibetic Languages
Jean-Cyrille Ly Van Tu and Alice Vittrant.
Place of Mơ Piu in the Hmong Group: A Proposal
Meiraba Takhellambam.
Unreleased Codas and Tones in Meiteilol
Guillaume Oisel.
From Motion Verbs To Evidentiality in Tibetan
Keita Kurabe.
The Reflexes of the Proto-Jingpho Glides in Modern Dialects
Potsangbam Madhubala and Sharatkumar Elangbam.
Noun Incorporation in Manipur
Shiho Ebihara.
Snang As An Evidential Verb
Yoshihisa Taguchi.
On Uvular Initials in Hmong-Mien
Pramodini Devi Nameirakpam.
The Reportative Evidential Marker —Ye in Manipuri (Meithei)
Room 6 Room 7
Mediaeval Tibeto-Burman Languages
Chungkham Yashawanta Singh
A Linguistic Study of Dead Language — Chakpa.
Hiroyuki Suzuki. Xifanguan Yiyu.
A Chinese-Tibetan Vocabulary Edited in the 16th Century, As A Dialectal Material of Minyag Rabgang Tibetan
Tam Nguyen.
'Who Is Who?'-Bih Kinship Terms: Knowledge Gained By Onsite Documentation
Gwendolyn Hyslop.
Unmixing Kurtöp: A Case Study in Historical Linguistics and Language Contact
John Eppele. Ethnologue: Languages of Nepal A Pragmatic Overview. Huziwara Keisuke.
Cak Implosive Stops and Their Cognates in Tibeto-Burman
John Bowden.
A Brief Survey of the History of Indonesian Slang and Its Role in Indonesian Society
Xun Gong.
Word-Level Prosodic Structure and Stress in Old Tibetan
Alice Vittrant.
Asymmetrical Expression of Goal and Source in Burmese
Pattra Pindabaedya.
The Acquisition of Relative Clauses in Thai Children
Myint Soe.
The Structure of the Burmese Noun Phrase Revisited
Kyung Eun Park.
What "Time" Means For Thais: Conceptualization of Time in Thai
Tun Aung Kyaw.
'Grammaticalization Process For Dealing With the Elements of Myanmar Verb Phrases
Kitima Indrambarya.
Thai Impersonal Verbs: Revisited
Pavel Ozerov.
Differential Object Marking in Burmese: Between Pragmatics, Semantics and Discourse
Ubonrat Pantumin and Ampika Rattanapitak.
Myanmar Words in Lanna Language
San San Hnin Tun and John Whitman.
The Information Structural Status of "Topic Marking" ká in Colloquial Burmese
Andrew Hsiu.
The Biao Languages of Northwestern Guangdong, China
Matthias Gerner. Differential Case Marking in Burmese-Lolo Languages Rattanapraxa Analee and Nuntana Wongthai.
Classifiers in Lao: A Cognitive Linguistic Approach

Thursday 29 May, 2014

Room 6 Room 7
Atsuhiko Kato.
Event Cancellation in Burmese
Jeremy Perkins and Seunghun Lee. An Acoustic Study of Syllabic Fricatives in Nuosu Yi
Lisa Cooper and Beau Cooper. Approximant Or Fricative? Articulatory Strength Variation of Myanmar (Burmese) /J/ Sigrid Lew.
The Phonetic Realization of Voice Quality in Louma Uishui
Aurore Candier.
Time and Temporality in Late 19th Century Burmese Elites' Discourse : Kinwun Mingyi's Paris Diary
David Peterson.
Khumi Tone
Audra Phillips.
The Complementarity of Northern Pwo Karen Wé and =´ (Despite Appearances To the Contrary)
Randy Lapolla and David Sangdong.
Tone Change For Grammatical Purposes in the Rawang Language of Kachin State
Theraphan Luangthongkum.
Karenic As A Branch of Tibeto-Burman: More Evidence From Proto-Karen
Elizabeth Hall.
Impact of Syllable Weight On Tone in Muak Sa-Aak
Naw Hsar Shee.
The Pros and Cons of Autonomous Versus Community-Based Orthographies, Exemplified By Karen Languages in Myanmar
SEALS24 Plenary lecture

David Bradley
The Ethnolinguistic Groups of Myanmar
Room 6
Languages of the Indo-Myanmar Borderlands
Room 7
Helga So-Hartmann.
Properties of the Verb Complex in Lemi
Denis Paillard.
Towards A Typology of Discourse Markers in Cambodian
Stephen Morey.
Changed Tone in Tangsa
Nerida Jarkey.
Linked Svcs and the Construal of Events in White Hmong Narratives
Linda Konnerth.
Parallels Between Karbi and Kuki-Chin ('Languages of the Indo-Myanmar Border')
Alexander Coupe.
Tone Sandhi and Vowel Harmony Patterns in Chang Negation
Surchandra Singh and Pritamkumar Nongmaithem.
Discourse Markers in Manipuri
SEALS24 Conference banquet
at SEIN LAN SOE PYAY seinnlannsoepyay Garden restaurant

Friday 30 May, 2014

Room 6 Room 7
Pittayawat Pittayaporn and Jakrabhop Iamdanush.
Metrical Stress in Pattani Malay
Zakaria Muhammad.
Imperfective Aspect of Dynamic and Stative Verbs in Hyow
Hideo Sawada.
The Semantics of Deictic Movement Verbs in Lhaovo
Tim Mckinnon and David Gil.
Codas With Vowels in Western Sumatra
Paul Julian Santiago.
On the Indefinite and Demoting Antipassives in Kalanguya
Lalnunthangi Chhangte.
Verb Concatenations in Mizo Revisited
Atsuko Utsumi Kanda.
Word Order and Genre in the Bantik Language
George Bedell and Kee Shein Mang. Consonantal Prefixes in K'cho
Yoshimi Miyake.
Evidentiality in Javanese Narratives
Lauren Van Alsenoy.
A Typology of the Negative Indefinite Pronouns of the Mainland Southeast Asian Languages
LUNCH BREAK Doug Cooper. Bronze, Gold, and the Asia-Pacific Linguistic Data Warehouse
Aung Si.
Documenting Bird Names in Danau/Thanau', A Language of Shan State, Myanmar
Hiram Ring and James Gruber.
Intrusive Vowels in Pnar
Paing Nan, Abraham and Nathan Statezni.
An Introduction To the Songlai and Ekai Languages of Rakhine State
Kosei Otsuka.
A Phonological Study of the Palaw Dialect of Burmese
Zam Ngaih Cing.
Grammatical Tone in Tedim Chin
Paul Sidwell.
The classification of Danaw, a Palaungic language
Johanna Conver.
What Makes Katuic Languages Katuic?
Michael Opper and Yanzhen Zhao.
Prosodic Size and Ordering of Constituents Within Dali Bai Nominal Expressions
Naw Say Bay.
An orthography based on the Myanmar script for the Moken language

Saturday 31 May, 2014

Room 6 Room 7 Room 8
Special Panel on Language Policy
Moderator: David Bradley
discussant: Cliff Meyers Chief, Education Sector, UNICEF Myanmar
Hiram Ring.
Noun Classification in Pnar
Mackenzie Conver and Jonathan Schmutz.
Register in Ta'oi
Joseph Lo Bianco
The Multilingual Resource: Social Cohesion, Minority Languages and Language Problem Solving
Tiffany Barkman.
Reduplication and Imperfectivity in Jejara (Para Naga)
Marc Brunelle.
Is There A Prosodic Word in Vietnamese?
Kirk R. Person
Emerging Models of Language Policy in Southeast Asia: Implications for Ethnic Minority Communities
Frens Vossen and Johan van der Auwera.
Standard Negation in Chamic and Bahnaric
1100.1200 SEALS meeting
plenary discussion of SEALS business and end of conference