**Michel Ferlus - Independant Researcher (retired from Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) - “A Layer of Dongsonian Vocabulary in Vietnamese”
(Presenters are listed in order by surname.)
**Dr. Mark J. Alves - Montgomery College, Department of Reading, ESL, World Languages, and Philosophy - “
Sino-Vietnamese Grammatical Vocabulary and the Sociolinguistics Conditions for Borrowing" HANDOUT
**Dr. Thai Bao - Faculty of Asian Studies, Australian National University - “
The Politics of Code-choice and Code-mixing in Australian Vietnamese: A Case Study of the Vietnamese Diaspora in Canberra”
**Dr. George Bedell, Kee Shein Mang, and Khar Thuan - Bedell, none (retired); Shein Mang and Thuan, Payap University - “
Agreement in Laizo”
**Allison Blodgett, Anita Bowles, Jessica Bauman, Jessica Shamoo, and Matthew Winn - University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language – “
Same or different: A preliminary acoustic analysis comparing native- and non-native-speaker production of Vietnamese lexical tones”
**Dr. Michael Boutin - Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics - “
Influence of verb classes on the realis/irrealis distinction in Bonggi”
**Dr. Marc Brunelle  - Department of Linguistics, University of Ottawa - “
Tonal Coarticulation in Northern and Southern Vietnamese” PPT FILE
**Dr. Susan Meredith Burt - Illinois State University, Department of English - “
Contact Pragmatics: Requests in Wisconsin Hmong”
**Ho Leung Chan - University of Pittsburgh – “
The Emergence of the Unmarked...Tone? Examples from Cantonese Attenuative Reduplication”
**Charles B. Chang - University of California, Berkeley - “
Presentation title: Phonological Scansion in Loanword Adaptation: Evidence from English Loans in Burmese” HANDOUT
**Thatsanee Charoenporn, Sareewan Thoongsup, and Virach Sornlertlamvanich; Hitoshi Isahara - Thai Computational Linguistics Laboratory, NICT Asia Research Center, Thailand; National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Japan - “
Thai Thai Lexicon”
**Yi-Ting Chen andYi-An Lin - Arizona State University; the University of Cambridge - “
The Inner Aspect Approach to Amis Structure: The first Attempt”
**Yin Lin Cheung - Purdue University - "
Modal Doubling in Hong Kong Hokkien" PPT FILE
**Svetlana F. Chlenova - Moscow State University - “
Towards the communicative strategies in Dawera-Daweloor (Eastern Indonesia)”
**Dr. Doug Cooper and Saowapha Viravong - Center for Research in Computational Linguistics; Australian National Library - “
The SEAlang Archives:  Preservation, Discovery, and Access for the 'Scattered Literature' of Southeast Asian Linguistics”
**Dr. Jamison Cooper-Leavitt and Dr. Deryle Lonsdale  - Brigham Young University; University of Calgary/Brigham Young University - “
Serial Verb Constructions in Hmong: resultatives and consequential”
**Rikker Dockum - CRCL, Bangkok - “
From Lost to Online: A Digital eText + Image Edition of the First Thai-English Dictionary”
**Dr. Jerold A.Edmondson;  Apiluck Tumtavitikul; JimmyG.Harris; JohnH.Esling - University of Texas at Arlington; Kasetsart University, (Bangkok, Thailand); University of Victoria (Canada); University of Victoria (Canada) - “
A laryngoscopic study of Chong vocal registers: another look”
**Dr. John Hartmann - Northern Illinois University - “
Place Names in Laos: In Search of Khmer and Upland Khmer Toponyms”
**Dr. Mathias Jenny - Department of General Linguistics, University of Zurich - “
Modality in Burmese: ‘May’ or ‘Must’: Grammatical Uses of Yα “Get” HANDOUT
**Dr. Chonghyuck Kim, Chang Qizhong, and Leslie Lee - National University of Singapore - “
Singlish Number Marking is not Random”
**Deborah King - The University of Texas at Arlington - “
Syntactic and Pragmatic Functions of Kuki-Chin Verbal Stem Alternations and the Agentive and Nonagentive Voice” HANDOUT
**Seunghun J. Lee - Rutgers University - “
Anti-depressor consonants in Mulao” HANDOUT
**Dr. Marlys Macken - University of Wisconsin-Madison - “
Tones in Hmong:  Underlying binarity in Asian tonal contours”
**Dr. Marlyna Maros - School of Language Studies and LinguisticsFaculty of Social Sciences and Humanities;  Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia - “
Social Functions of Complaints in a Malay Speech Community”
**Bradley McDonnell - Arizona State Unversity - “
Word Classes in Endenese”
**Naonori Nagaya - Rice University Department of Linguistics - “
The Middle Voice in Tagalog”
**Tam Nguyen - University of Oregon - “
Ede serial verb constructions” HANDOUT
**Thu Ba Hoai Nguyen - Vietnamese Lecturer, UCLA, Department. of Asian Languages and Cultures “
Contrastive Topic in Vietnamese”
**Waranya OTA - Doctoral Course, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan - “
Noun Phrase of Kuy Language”
**Songgot Paanchiangwong - Ph.D. candidate of Faculty of Linguistics and Vietnamese studies, University of Social Science and Humanities, Hanoi National University, Hanoi, Vietnam - “
The Influence of Final Consonants on the Tones of Vietnamese Spoken in Udon Thani Province, Thailand” PPT FILE
**Dr. Pham Phu Quynh Na - Institutional affiliations: MTC Training Solutions - “
Vietnamese Learners Studying English and Australian Learners Studying Vietnamese: Is There Any Difference?”
**Waranya Ota - Tokyo Universityof Foreign Studies - "The Noun Phrase in the Kuy Language"
**Dr. Amara Prasithrathsint - Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand - “
The Role of Complementizers in Verb Classification in Thai” HANDOUT PPT FILE
**Miss Chanokporn Puapattanakun - Mahidol university, Thailand   - “
‘Do You Feel Lucky?’ : A Study of Thai Astrological Discourse”
**Dr. Herb Purnell & Greg Aumann - Biola University (emeritus) & SIL International - “
Same Language, Different Contexts, Different Dictionaries for Iu Mien”
**Dr. Martha Ratliff - Wayne State University - “
Numerals and reckoning in Hmong-Mien” HANDOUT
**Dr. Sugunya Ruangjaroon - Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities, Srinakharinwirot University - “
Thai Wh-adjuncts”
**Yosuke Sato - University of Arizona, Tucson - “
Reduplication Asymmetries inBahasa Indonesia: A Distributed MorphologyApproach”
**Dr. Paul Sidwell - Centre for Research in Computational Linguistics & Australian National University - “
Proto-Mon-Khmer Vocalism: Moving Forward from Shorto’s ‘Alternances’” HANDOUT
**Dr. Unchalee Singnoi - Faculty of Humanities, Naresuan University (Thailand) - "
On the functions of marked clausal constructions in Thai"
**Dr. Uri Tadmor - Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology - “
Marked Patterns of Lexical Borrowing in Southeast Asia”
**Dr. Uri Tadmor and Dr. Yanti - Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and the University of Delaware - “
On the Origin and Distribution of Third-Person Pronominal Enclitics in Jambi Malay”
**Dr. Kiyoko Takahashi - Kanda University of International Studies - “
Arrival expressions in Thai” HANDOUT
**Dr. Thuan Tran - University of California San Diego and Universityof Delaware - “
Quantificational Strategies in Vietnamese”
**Thi-Thuy-Hien Tran and Nathalie Vallιe - The Speech and Cognition Department of GIPSA-lab, Grenoble, France - “
An Acoustic Study of the Segments in the Vietnamese Consonant Sequences” HANDOUT
**Dr. Juliana Wijaya - University of California, Los Angeles, Asian Languages and Cultures - “
Pronominal Shift, Code-Mixing and Code-Switching in Indonesian Reported Speech”
**Dr. Cathy S.P. Wong, Dr. Robert Bauer, and Dr. Zoe Wai Man Lam - Department of English, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University - “
The Integration of English Loanwords in Hong Kong Cantonese” HANDOUT
**Dr. Ngee Thai Yap - English Department, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia - “
Nonexhaustive Syllabification in Temiar”