SEALS 23  Program

May 29-31, 2013

Chulalongkorn University Bangkok


Prepared by Elisabeth Ginsburg, SEALS Archivist           Below, H = handout, P =presentation, D = document/paper    Metadata

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Opening ceremony



Chair: Marc Brunelle


Chair: Martha Ratliff


Chair: Mathias Jenny


Chair: David Bradley


James P. Kirby.

Tonogenesis in Khmer: A cross-dialect comparison


Stephen Morey.

Grammatical change in North East India – the case of Tangsa H

Grammatical change in North East India – the case of Tangsa P

Hsiu-chuan Liao.

Functions of reflexes of PAN/PMP *maR- in Philippine languages

Herbert C. Purnell.

Bending rules in minority language bilingual lexicography



Elizabeth Hall.

An  analysis of Muak Sa-aak tone H, An analysis of Muak Sa-aak tone P

Mark J. Alves.

Grammatical functions in Mon-Khmer morphology

Tam Nguyen.

Mirative and a contrastive focus in Bih (Chamic)

Suwilai Premsrirat.

Thailand's draft national language policy: Achievements and challenges in supporting language diversity and language rights


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Chair: Justin Watkins


Chair: Paul Sidwell


Chair: Kachen Tansiri


Chair: Daniel Kaufman


Pattama Patpong.

A transitivity analysis in a Thai Song Dam topographic procedure


Risya Tazkia Nafisah.

Ambiguity when Sundanese homonyms are used in an Indonesian context


Naruadol Chancharu.

Prohibitives in Southeast Asian languages


Ryn Jean Fe V. Gonzales.

Dialect perception and language development in Pasil H

Dialect perception and language development in Pasil P


Denis Burnham, Amanda Reid  and Benjawan Kasisopa.

Universal and language-specific experience in the perception of Thai lexical tone

Tianqi Yang.

The role of phonetics in loanword adaptation: A case study from Chinese loanwords in Bai


Elisabeth Ginsburg.

Topological relations in White Hmong: Description and typology H,

Topological relations in White Hmong: Description and typology P


Cecilia F. Genuino.

Language attitude in a multilingual context: The Chabacano case



Praneerat Panpraneet and Chutamanee Onsuwan.

Perception of lexical tones in Thai children of different age groups

Norihiko Hayashi.

Loanwords in Youle Jino

Toan Thang Ly and Kieu Van Le Thi.

A cross-cultural study of conceptualizing internal body organs in SEA languages

Abigail C. Cohn and Maya Ravindranath.

Can a language with millions of speakers be endangered?






Chair: Volker Dellwo


Chair: Yoshihisa Taguchi


Chair: Tobias Weber


Chair: TBA


Beau Cooper and Lisa Cooper.

Three-way voiceless plosive contrast in Burmese

Michel Ferlus.

The sexagesimal cycle, from China to Southeast Asia

George Bedell and Khawlsonkim Suantak.

Vaiphei relative clauses

Sirivilai Teerarojanarat and Kalaya Tingsabadh.

A GIS-based comparative study of lexical and phonological variation in the Northern Thai - Northeastern Thai - Central Thai Dialect transition area: A preliminary result


James Gruber.

Challenges for acoustic analysis of a laryngeally-complex tone system: An example from Burmese

Wilaiwan Khanittanan.

Ancient links between Thai and Vietnamese: Evidence from cognates, Sukhothai inscriptions, and traditional calendrical terms for animals


Yanti, Timothy McKinnon, Peter Cole and Gabriella Hermon.

Island-saving strategies and the suffix -ge in Tapus Minangkabau

Nor Hashimah Jalaluddin, Zaharani Ahmad, Harishon Radzi and Mokhtar Jaafar.

Lexical variation and distribution in Perak Malay: A GIS approach



Paul Sidwell.

Creaky and glottalized syllables in Katuic languages: Analysis of the Huffman recordings

Jakrabhop Iamdanush.

Periphrastic causative constructions in Patani Malay


Sihwei Chen.

The interaction of modals and temporal markings in Squliq Atayal



Coffee break


Plenary 1

Linguistic Fieldwork in a Changing Southeast Asia

Marc Brunelle - Phonetic and Phonological Research in Vietnam and Cambodia

Daniel Kaufman - Populist platforms and strategic documentation in a changing Southeast Asia





Thursday, May 30, 2013



Chair: Mathias Jenny



Chair: Marc Brunelle


Chair: Kitima Indrambarya


Chair: Sudaporn Luksaneeyanawin


Denis Paillard.

Polyfunctionality in Khmer: The case of daoy

Hanbo Liao.

Proto-Tai reconstruction of "maternal grandmother" revisited:*naai A or *taai A ?

Xiaodong Yang, Guozhen Peng and Yiya Zhao.

Transitivity of resultative verbs and word order typology


Mirinda Burarungrot.

Teaching Thai as a second language to Patani Malay speaking children in the Southern border provinces of Thailand



Ampika Rattanapitak and Sujaritlak Deepadung.

The polyfunctionality of the particle /dɨ/ in Dara-ang Palaung

Andrea Hòa Phm.

Vowel chains in Vietnamese

Tobias Weber.

Locus of marking on the clause level in Southeast Asia: Areal and genealogical patterns

Djatmika, Agus Hari Wibowo and Ida Kusuma Dewi.

The quality of text structure and texture to determine the strength of language performance of children: A study of children's language development


Somsonge Burusphat.

Plant-based classifiers in Tai Dam H, Plant-based classifiers in Tai Dam P

Hideo Sawada.

Some properties of Burmese script H1

Some properties of Burmese script H2 (map)

Peter Jenks.

Accounting for a generalization about quantifier float and word order in Southeast Asia

Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong.

Punctuation and other text-category indicators in written Thai text: Issues and implications for Thai L2 reading instruction


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Chair: James P. Kirby


Chair: Brian Migliazza


Chair: Hsiu-chuan Liao


Chair: Peter Jenks


Lisa Cooper and Beau Cooper.

A case for an IPA symbol for the dental plosive: The example of Modern Burmese


Pavadee Saisuwan.

Kathoey “imitation” of women’s speech and the construction of gender identity


Rodney C. Jubilado, Francisco P. Dumanig and Sajed S. Ingilan.

Lexicalization of profanity in Cebuano and Bahasa Sug


Michael Tanangkingsing.

Demonstratives in Cebuano: Referential and non-referential functions


Yukie Masuko, Hirokazu Sato and Makoto Minegishi.

Reexamination of coarticulative tones in Thai

Kosin Panyaatisin.

Variationist study in Lanna Thai: The mixture of Northern Thai dialects’ linguistic features with standard Thai dialect by

local community radio anchors

Nuttanart Facundes.

Psycho-collocations in Thai


Bornini Lahiri.

Noun cases in Nyishi



Hanyong Park, Garry W. Davis and Siriporn Lerdpaisalwong.

Tone neutralization in Thai disyllables of the type CV(ʔ)-(H1)

Tone neutralization in Thai disyllables of the type CV(ʔ)-(H2)

Phennapha Klaisingto and Kittinata Rhekhalilit.

Stylistic variation in Thai Facebook status posting


Lawrence A. Reid.

On the sources of suppletive SAY verbs in some Philippine languages


Kokitboon Fukham.

Investigating the mental representation of Thai prepositions: A case of naj and bon




Plenary 2

Going beyond history: Re-assessing genetic groupings in SEA

Martha Ratliff - Grammatical features shared by Hmong-Mien and Austronesian

Daniel Kaufman - Reviewing the place of PAn within Asia

Zev Handel - Linguistic evidence relates languages, archeological evidence relates cultures, genetic evidence relates populations: implications for STAN and related hypotheses

Weera Ostapirat - Austro-Tai revisited


Coffee break


Plenary 2 (cont.)


Business meeting





Friday, May 31, 2013



Chair: Volker Dellwo


Chair: David Bradley


Chair: Daniel Kaufman


Chair: Sujaritlak Deepadung


Kalyan Das, Amalesh Gope and Shakuntala Mahanta.

The phonetics and phonology of focus marking in Bodo

Gérard Diffloth and Nathan Badenoch.

Ruma'ai glottalized vowels in an historical context

Louward Allen Zubiri.

Negation in Bashiic languages

Wyn Owen.

An introduction to Tai Laing: Phonology, orthography and sociolinguistic context




Timothy McKinnon, Yanti, Peter Cole and Gabriella Hermon.

Complex morphophonology in Jangkat Malay

Theraphan Luangthongkum.

A view on Proto-Karen phonology and lexicon P,

A view on Proto-Karen phonology and lexicon H

Anindita Sahoo.

(Re-)visiting the principles of reflexivization: A study of reflexives in Khasi

Kevin Baetscher.

Grammar sketch: Mlabri


Douglas Cole.

Word stress in Laotian, an OT analysis

John D. Phan.

A possible tonal merger in checked syllables: The case of Mường Chỏi (A language of Northern Vietnam)

Katharina Endriati Sukamto.

Anophoric expressions in Indonesian narrative discourse

Geneviève Caelen-Haumont and Katarina Bartkova.

When diachrony is helping for a synchronic study: The case of the Mo Piu tones from the Hmong-Mien family in North Vietnam



Coffee break



Chair: Yuphanphan Hoonchamlong


Chair: TBA


Chair: Tongtip Poonlarp.


Chair: Daniel Kaufman


Hiroki Nomoto and Kartini Abd. Wahab.

On the person restriction on the agents in di- passives in Malay

Mike Pham.

The emergence of classifiers from class term compounds in Vietnamese

Atsuko Utsumi.

Morphology and semantics of basic verbs in the Talaud language

Nicole Kruspe.

RWAAI, repository and workspace for Austroasiatic intangible heritage



Nattaya Piriyawiboon.

Person shift in Thai pronouns: A feature-geometric approach

Tianqiao Lu

Tonal inflection and grammaticalization of demonstratives in Thai and beyond


Paul Julian Santiago and Danielle Anne Tadena.

Notes on Kalanguya verbal phenomena

Hien Pham.

Towards a multi-purpose resource of language corpora: The case of Vietnamese


T. Daniel Arisawa.

The degree of definiteness in noun phrases in Iu Mien

Foong Ha Yap, Ariel Shuk-ling Chan and Tak-sum Wong.

On the grammaticalization of stative verbs into continuative markers:

The case of Malay asyik ‘desire’ and Cantonese gwaazyu ‘keep thinking     about’

Makoto Minegishi.

Semantic characteristics of Thai basic verbs

Levi C. Cruz.

Basic oral language documentation in the Philippine context





Chair: James Gruber.


Chair: TBA


Chair: Tobias Weber


Chair: Peter Jenks


Volker Dellwo and Peggy Mok.

Rhythmic variability in South-East Asian languages: A novel method for rhythmic measurements based on syllabic amplitude peak points, (pptx version)

Yoshihisa Taguchi.

On the phylogeny of Hmongic languages

Picus Sizhi Ding.

An analysis of topics in Prinmi: In cross-linguistic perspective


Ying Zhang.

A cross linguistic study of “Increment-Supplement” notions by semantic map approach


Justin Watkins.

A look at tone in Myebon Sumtu Chin: Polarity, deracination and dual flip-flop

Andrew Hsiu.

The Gelao languages: Preliminary classification and state of the art


Tongtip Poonlarp and Sudaporn Luksaneeyanawin.

The semantic domains of intensification: A cross-language perspective

Yi-Ting Chen.

A sketch of high adverbials in Amis


Kieu-Phuong Ha and Martine Grice.

The intonation of repair initiations in Northern Vietnamese: Evidence from multi-word utterances

David Bradley.

Time ordinals in Tibeto-Burman


Mathias Jenny.

‘New Situation’ (NSIT) - Southeast Asian languages and aspect theory

Giang Le.

A study of Vietnamese adverbs


Closing ceremony